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APPCN Policy on Program Withdrawal and Reapplication

The purpose of this policy is to clarify implications for Programs and Trainees of a Program’s withdrawal from APPCN.

  1. If a Trainee begins a Postdoctoral Fellowship at an APPCN Member Program, the Trainee has a reasonable expectation that s/he will graduate from an APPCN member Program. However, if the Program withdraws from APPCN at any point during a Trainee’s tenure, the Trainee can no longer claim to have graduated from an APPCN member program. Programs should clearly communicate this information to Trainees at the time of their withdrawal from APPCN.
  2. If a Member Program has separate tracks (e.g., Pediatric and Adult), and one track withdraws from APPCN membership but the other track wishes to remain as a Member Program, the remaining program is required to submit new application materials as a separate program. The original program application materials may be submitted to the membership committee, with appropriate edits such as removing any material related to the track that is no longer an APPCN Member, and any other necessary changes. Essentially, this has to be done because the remaining program is substantially different from the previous dual track program.
  3. If a Program withdraws from APPCN and later wishes to regain membership, a new membership application and supporting materials must be submitted in accordance with policies in effect at the time of re-application. An updated version of the Program’s original membership application with appropriate edits may be submitted as long as the materials meet Membership Committee requirements at the time.

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