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Matching Program

The APPCN Resident Matching Program (the “Match”) places applicants into clinical neuropsychology residency positions at training sites in the United States and Canada.

The Match is sponsored and supervised by the Association of Postdoctoral Programs in Clinical Neuropsychology (APPCN). The Match is administered on behalf of APPCN by National Matching Services Inc.

Until 2024, programs that are non-members of APPCN are welcome to participate in the Match and are listed as “Participating Programs” on the APPCN Resident Matching Programs Website. To determine eligibility, please review the Statement of Qualification for non-members on the Match website and contact NMS directly with contact info, program name, program director, mailing address, phone, fax, and email. Beginning in 2025, only APPCN Member Programs will be able to participate in the Match.

APPCN Resident Matching Program Website

Important Match Dates: 

2nd Wednesday in February: Final date for submission of applicant and program Rank Order Lists. 

3rd Wednesday in February: Results of the Match are released to applicants and program directors.

2023 APPCN Match Recruitment Statement:

Surveys of applicants over the past 2 years have shown that virtual interviews are extremely popular. Programs have also indicated a broadly favorable experience with virtual interviews. There are advantages of interviewing at INS in terms of scheduling all interviews in the same place and during the same time window, which reduces applicant burden. But from an accessibility and equity perspective, virtual interviews seem to have an advantage. In that context, assuming INS 2023 has an in-person component, APPCN encourages programs to prioritize needs of applicants and consider access and equity issues when deciding how to conduct interviews. Interview rooms will be available at the meeting. However, programs are encouraged to continue offering the option of virtual interviews, even if in-person interviews are also offered. Programs are also urged not to include format of the interview as a factor when completing rank order lists and to communicate this clearly to applicants. Programs are encouraged to think creatively about virtual and in-person options for interviews, open houses, meet and greets, etc. For example, programs could choose to interview virtually but also offer optional meet and greet times at INS for applicants who are attending and interested in meeting program faculty in person.

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