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To become a member program of APPCN:

  1. The Program Director or Co-Director must be an ABPP specialist in Clinical Neuropsychology. If the Program Director is NOT an ABPP specialist in Clinical Neuropsychology, there must be a designated ABPP consultant who spends a considerable amount of time engaged in training activities. In this circumstance, the Program will be placed in Conditional status for 3 years, during which time it is expected that a Director or Co-Director will complete the ABBP-CN process.
  1. The program must submit the following materials for review:

    A. APPCN Self-Study and Application for Membership: This form describes the requirements for programs to be members of the Association. It is intended to provide Directors of postdoctoral programs in the Association, or those who wish to join the Association, a format for evaluating their programs on a set of specific training activity guidelines and standards. The standards are based on the Policy Statement of the Houston Conference on Specialty Education and Training in Clinical Neuropsychology (Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 1998, 13, 160-155) and on standards and policy decisions of the Association.

B. Program handbook and/or brochure that details the following elements:

A. Institutions and Program Description

        1. institutional mission, or missions if a training consortium
        2. program mission and goals, to include the goal of educating and training the competencies necessary for the specialized practice of clinical neuropsychology
        3. program administrative structure
        4. general medical setting, department and associated institutions in which training is provided
        5. physical facilities, e.g., availability of computers, library resources, etc.
        6. client population served
        7. list of faculty/supervisors
        8. benefits
        9. a statement of membership in APPCN and of the APPCN mission should be included after acceptance into APPCN

B. Application and selection procedures

        1. application procedures
        2. statement of participation in APPCN Match, and adherence to pertinent rules and procedures

C. Training Activities

        1. specific training activities available through the program
        2. clinical service requirements
        3. research requirements
        4. other educational requirements and opportunities
        5. structure/process of supervisor-supervisee relationships
        6. amount and nature of supervision (e.g., individual vs. group, psychology vs. non-psychology supervisors)
        7. opportunities to pursue individual and subspecialty interests
        8. methods to ensure neuropsychology resident’s competence and understanding of ethical standards in the practice of psychology
        9. methods to ensure neuropsychology residents’ competence in professional practice relevant to cultural and individual differences and diversity.

D. The following information about Evaluation and Grievance Procedures, which should also be given in writing to residents accepted into the training program:

        1. frequency and process of evaluation for both neuropsychology residents and faculty members
        2. procedures to advise and assist residents who are not performing at an expected level of competence
        3. methods and frequency with which residents participate in evaluating the training program
        4. program and institutional grievance procedures

C. Curriculum vitas of all core training faculty

  1. Submitted materials must pass a review by the APPCN Membership Committee and a final review and vote by the APPCN Board of Directors.

Application materials and questions about APPCN Membership can be directed to:
Lana Harder, PhD, ABPP, President-Elect/Membership Committee Chair

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