University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Jennifer L. Gess, PhD, ABPP
4301 West Markham Street, Slot #568
Little Rock, AR  72205

Telephone: 501-352-4077
Fax: 501-526-5296

For a detailed program description click on this link:

Program will do interviews at INS: Yes

Policy regarding on-site interviews: On site interviews are not required. All interviews will take place at INS.  

Application deadline: January 3, 2020
Residency start date: August 1, 2020

Clinical neuropsychology residency openings: 1
Clinical neuropsychology residency positions: 2

Residency/fellowship positions in psychology: 3

Clinical neuropsychologists: 3

Other psychologists: 10
With ABPP: 0

Graduate training of residency applicants:

Preferred: Clinical Psychology
Accepted: Counseling Psychology
Not Accepted: Non APA/CPA-approved graduate programs or non-APPIC internships

Primary emphasis: Adult Neuropsychology

Emphases of training opportunities:

Strong: Neuropsychological assessment, Neurosurgical neuropsychology
Moderate: Cognitive rehabilitation, Research
Weak: Psychotherapy experience available if an area of interest, Forensics very limited

Availability of patient populations:

Strong: Movement Disorders, Seizure Disorders, Demyelinating Disorders (e.g., multiple sclerosis), dementia
Moderate: Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Tumor
Weak: Stroke, LD/ADHD

updated 10/21/2019