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Telephone: 416-813-5437
Fax: 416-813-8839

Laura Janzen, PhD, ABPP-CN
Department of Psychology
The Hospital for Sick Children 
555 University Avenue 
Toronto, ON Canada 
M5G 1X8


For a detailed program description click on this link:

Program will do interviews at INS: Yes

Policy regarding on-site interviews: On-site interviews prior to or following INS are optional and do not make an impact on rankings of applicants. Candidates who are not planning to attend INS should make arrangements for an on-site or remote interview.

Application deadline: January 6, 2020
Residency start date: September 1, 2020

Clinical neuropsychology residency openings: 1
Clinical neuropsychology residency positions: 2

Residency/fellowship positions in psychology: 3

Clinical neuropsychologists: 9
With ABCN/ABPP: 4 Full-time; 0 Part-time (see webpage for core training faculty information)
Other psychologists: 19

Graduate training of residency applicants:

Preferred: clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology, school psychology
Not Accepted: experimental psychology

Primary emphasis: Pediatric Neuropsychology

Emphases of training opportunities:

Strong: neuropsychological assessment and neuropsychological consultation, multidisciplinary teams
Moderate: research, school consultation, medical consultation, supervision (by resident) of other providers
Weak: psychotherapy, rehabilitation, graduate teaching opportunities

Availability of patient populations:

Strong: stroke and cardiovascular disorders, neurosurgical, genetics/metabolics, epilepsy and epilepsy surgery, brain tumor, leukemia, sickle cell disease, prematurity and neonatal neurological complications, solid organ transplant, general neurology, racial/ethnic minorities, new immigrants

Moderate: neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), rheumatological disorders, CNS infections, traumatic brain injury, comorbid ADHD / learning disabilities / autism, psychiatric disorders

Weak: adult and geriatric conditions, forensics

updated 10/02/2019