Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital

APPCN MEMBER 1993-2000 and

 2012 - present

Program director name Rachel Burmeister Tangen, Ph.D., ABPP
Mailing address Division of Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics & Psychology
10524 Euclid Avenue, Walker Building, Suite 3150, Cleveland, OH 44106
Telephone # 216-844-3230
Fax # 216-201-5188
e-mail address – Rachel.Tangen@UHhospitals.org
For a detailed program description click on this link: http://www.uhhospitals.org/rainbow/services/behavioral-pediatrics-and-psychology/medical-education/pediatric-neuropsychology-postdoctoral-fellowship

Program will do interviews at INS in 2019: Yes

Policy regarding on-site interviews: Interviews at INS are strongly encouraged. If applicants are unable to attend INS, alternate interview methods will be considered (telephone, internet). 

2019 application deadline: January 18, 2019
2019 residency start date: September 3, 2019

Clinical neuropsychology residency openings for 2019: 1

Clinical neuropsychologists: 4 Full-time; 0 Part-time; 0 Consultants
With ABCN/ABPP: 1 Full-time; 0 Part-time; 0 Consultants
(see webpage for faculty)

Other psychologists: 5 Full-time; 1 part-time; 0 consultants
With ABPP: 0 Full-time; 0 part-time; 0 consultants

Graduate training of residency applicants:
Preferred: clinical psychology, neuropsychology
Accepted: counseling psychology, school psychology
Not Accepted: Non APA/CPA approved graduate programs or internships

Primary emphasis: Pediatric

Emphases of training opportunities:

Strong: neuropsychological assessment, neuropsychological consultation, interdisciplinary clinics
Moderate: research, psychotherapy
Weak: rehabilitation psychology, inpatient consultation, forensics

Availability of patient populations:

Strong: Epilepsy and Epilepsy Surgery, perinatal and congenital conditions, autism, learning disabilities, in utero drug/alcohol exposure, racial/ethnic minorities
Moderate: Hematological/Oncological Disorders, hearing loss/cochlear implantation, genetic conditions, traumatic brain injury, psychiatric
Weak: Dementia; Parkinson's, other geriatric conditions; HIV/AIDS; Acute Brain Injury

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