Medical College of Georgia

APPCN MEMBER SINCE 1993 (Conditional Status until 2020)


Medical College of Georgia

Department of Neurology, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University

Kelly M. Stanek, Ph.D., & Gregory P. Lee, Ph.D, ABPP-CN (consulting)
Department of Neurology
1120 15th Street
Augusta, GA 30912-3275
Telephone: 706-721-3851
FAX: 706-721-6950

2018 application deadline: Not accepting applications
2018 residency start date: Not accepting applications

Program will do interviews at INS in 2018: No. Applications not accepted for this cycle. 

Policy regarding on-site interviews: INTERVIEWS ARE ENCOURAGED BUT NOT REQUIRED

Clinical neuropsychological openings for 2018: 0
Clinical neuropsychology residency positions:  1

Clinical neuropsychologists: 1 Full-time; 0 Part-time; 0 Consultants
With ABPP: 0 Full-time; 0 Part-time; 1 Consultants

Other psychologists: 0 Full-time; 0 Part-time; 0 Consultants 
With ABPP: 0 Full-time; 0 Part-time; 0 Consultants 

Graduate training of residency applicants:

Preferred: clinical psychology with experience in neuropsychology
Accepted: neuropsychology, counseling psychology with experience in neuropsychology
Not accepted: school psychology, applicants from non-APA/CPA accredited programs

Primary emphasis: Adult Neuropsychology

Emphases of training opportunities:

Strong: neuropsychological assessment, formal didactic coursework in clinical neurosciences and clinical neurology
Moderate: research
Weak: rehabilitation, psychotherapy

Availability of patient populations:

Strong: dementia, geriatric conditions, movement disorders, cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy
Moderate: traumatic brain injury, tumor, psychiatric disorders, multiple sclerosis
Weak: inpatients

updated 11/16/2017