Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital


Kevin Young, PhD, ABPP
5th Floor, Burlingame/Research Building
Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital
200 Retreat Ave
Hartford, CT 06106 

Phone: 860-545-7167
Fax: 860-545-7222

Please contact Dr. Young at the above e-mail address or phone number to receive information; application information is available at the link below.

Fellowship description: Please click here

Program will do interviews at INS: Yes

Policy regarding on-site interviews: Selected applicants will be offered interviews at the INS conference. We also welcome on-site visits to interview, or for those who already interviewed at INS. Those who cannot interview at either location will be asked to interview via video conference. Interview location is not a factor in the selection process.

Application deadline: January 1, 2020

Clinical neuropsychology residency positions: 1 first year, 1 second year (started in 2019)
Residency/fellowship positions in psychology: 8 psychology interns, 10 postdoctoral fellows

Clinical neuropsychologists: 5 Full-time; 2 Consultants; 1 Per diem
With ABCN/ABPP: 1 Full-time, 1 Consultant

Other psychologists: 41 Full-time
With ABPP: 3 Full-time

Graduate training of residency applicants:

Preferred: clinical psychology, neuropsychology
Not accepted: school psychology
Primary emphasis: Adult

Emphases of training opportunities:

Strong: neuropsychological assessment and consultation
Moderate: research
Weak: psychotherapy, supervision of residents by other providers

Availability of patient populations:

Strong: neuropsychiatric, brain injury, stroke and cerebrovascular disease, neurosurgical procedures (awake craniotomy, Wada), tumor, dementia and geriatric conditions, inpatient rehab, movement disorders clinic, memory disorders clinic
Moderate: predominant cardiovascular surgery populations (advanced heart failure, VAD)
Weak: HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, pediatric, school

updated: 09/27/2019