Officers and Board of Directors


President Amy Heffelfinger, Ph.D. 2017-2019
President-Elect Robert Collins, Ph.D. 2017-2019
Past President Christopher Grote, Ph.D. 2017-2019
Secretary Brenna McDonald, Psy.D. 2018-2022
Treasurer Suzanne Penna, Ph.D. 2018-2022


Board of Directors

Member Directors: Term of Office
Robert Collins, Ph.D. (Michael E. DeBakey/Houston VA Medical Center) 2011-2019
Michael Greher, Ph.D. (University of Colorado School of Medicine) 2018-2022
Christopher Grote, Ph.D. (Rush University) 2013-2021
Lana Harder, Ph.D. (Children's Medical Center of Dallas) 2015-2019
Laura Kenealy, Ph.D. (Children's National Medical Center) 2017-2021
John Linck, Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center) 2017-2021
Mary Machulda, Ph.D. (Mayo Medical Center – Rochester) 2011-2019
Beth Slomine, Ph.D. (Kennedy Krieger Institute) 2018-2022
Lisa Stanford, Ph.D. (Akron Children's Hospital) 2012-2020
Robert Seegmiller, Ph.D. (Brooke Army Medical Center) 2012-2020
Douglas Whiteside, Ph.D. (University of Iowa Hospital Clinics) 2017-2021
Postdoctoral Resident Representative:
Lauren Piper, Ph.D. 2018-2019


Community Directors:

Jeff Baker, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers
APPIC Central Office
10 G Street, NE Suite 440
Washington DC 20002
Phone: (202) 589-0600 Fax: (202) 589-0603
Victor W. Mark, MD
Associate Professor, Dept. of PM&R
Medical Director, Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy 
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Spain Rehabilitation Center, Suite 190
1717 6th Ave S - Birmingham, AL, 35233-7330
Phone: (205) 934-3450


Committee Chairs:

Nominations Christopher Grote, Ph.D. (chair), Michael Greher, Ph.D., Mary Haines, Ph.D.
Membership Committee Robert Collins, Ph.D. (chair); Doug Bodin, Ph.D.; Lisa Stanford, Ph.D.;
Representative to Council of Chairs of Training Councils Robert Collins, Ph.D.
Representative to Clinical Neuropsychology Synarchy Laura Kenealy, Ph.D